Frisco history a touch away at park, museum |

Frisco history a touch away at park, museum

ASHLEY DICKSONsummit daily newsSummit County, CO Colorado

FRISCO While most museums ask patrons to abstain from touching, the Frisco Historic Park & Museum is encouraging visitors to touch all they want on the new interactive video kiosk. The feature, located inside the old schoolhouse building, provides a virtual tour of the park, giving visitors an overview of where buildings are located as well as what can be found inside. Its a really great place for visitors to start when they come to the museum, said museum manager Simone Belz, adding that guests can come back to the kiosk and take a quiz when they are done touring the park. Were all multi-level learners, and sometimes you cant really absorb everything by just looking, said Belz. The interactive kiosk is not the only new thing visitors can find at the museum. Three newly added audio tours, narrated by Friscos former mayor, Bernie Zurbriggen, and historian Mary Ellen Gilliland, complete the self-guided walking tour, and visitors can listen to stories about the buildings history and the people who once inhabited them. We are upping the quality of the visitor experience, Belz said. We are finally moving into the 21st century of museum standards.In 2006, the Town of Frisco acquired full operations of the park and museum, which includes 14 small buildings dating back to the 1800s.Walking into each building, visitors are transported back to a time when Main Street was just a dirt road, and children rode mules to and from school. Original cast-iron stoves, quilted blankets, kitchen wares and childrens toys are carefully organized within the tiny dwellings to show what life may have looked like back in the gold-rush era, giving the impression that the original inhabitants just picked up and left without touching a thing. The buildings are all packed with things, and you can always find something new when you come back and visit, Belz said. Its a great example of the last 100 years here in Frisco.

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