Frisco launches Main Street construction on Monday |

Frisco launches Main Street construction on Monday

Construction on Frisco's Main Street will start Monday, April 6. Parking for workers and guests will be available at the Rocky Mountain Bible Church lot at Sixth and Granite Street, and the east side of the Workforce Center parking area at Sixth and Galena.
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As Frisco prepares to revamp Main Street on Monday, April 6, residents can gather for a construction kickoff event in front of the Butterhorn Bakery and Café at 9 a.m. Hot coffee and croissants will be provided as work begins on the Madison Avenue and Main Street intersection.

“Main Street will fail sooner than later and cause large impacts if it is left as it is,” Frisco Public Works director Tim Mack said in a statement. “By being proactive with improvements, we can lessen the impact on businesses and the community as a whole.”

Construction for Frisco’s “Step Up Main Street” project is scheduled from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Work will start with sidewalks and streetlamps on the outside, before crews move inward to repave roads and fix drainage.

While Main Street should remain open for most of April, in the following months, one lane will be closed as crews work on the three blocks from Madison Avenue to Seventh Avenue. Expect occasional full closures of Main Street for drainage work. Assistant Public Works director Rick Higgins said they would try to limit closures to one block at a time.

“We’re really looking at pedestrian access, and trying to keep it open as much as possible,” Higgins said.

While construction is underway, drivers will be detoured to Granite Street, and stop blocks will be painted in alleyways to control traffic flow. Employee and guest parking will be available at the Rocky Mountain Bible Church lot at Sixth and Granite, and is available Monday through Saturday. The east side of the Workforce Center parking area at Sixth and Galena will also be available seven days a week.

While inclement weather may affect the construction timeline, Higgins expects to start with trenching and adding new streetlights this month, and moving onto sidewalks in May. In June, workers will remove the old asphalt surface and repour the Main Street to be 10 inches lower, for draining purposes.

“We really appreciate the feedback we received from the community, and we will certainly be asking for their patience and flexibility as this project moves into this spring phase,” Mack said. “The weather in the high country has a way of messing with construction schedules, but we feel confident in the skills of our contractor and their history of success with Phase 1 last fall and with these types of projects in other communities.”

For more information on the “Step Up Main Street” project, call the Step Up Main Street Construction Hotline at (970) 668-0836, ext. 9, or visit

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