Frisco local launches mindset-focused coaching business |

Frisco local launches mindset-focused coaching business

The MindFix Group founder Erin Pheil speaks at Hurricane Bootcamp.

FRISCO — Frisco local Erin Pheil built up a web design agency, Follow Bright, over the course of 16 years. During this time, she suffered a three-year period of chronic pain that took a major toll on her mental health. From this experience, Pheil’s other business was born.

Now two years old, The MindFix Group is meant to help people overcome what is holding them back, both in their personal life and their business life. The program is either a 10 week or six month program for individuals. Pheil said she typically works with people who are entrepreneurs or otherwise in the business world. 

Pheil described the program as a way “to eliminate the biggest mental roadblocks and barriers that are holding them back.”

The idea for The MindFix Group was born when Pheil found herself in the midst of chronic depression. She recalled the pivotal moment being when someone told her that all of her problems were coming from the way she saw the world. 

“Somebody told me, all of your problems are coming from the way you see the world. It was that that led me to figuring things out,” Pheil said.

Pheil used what she learned to create The MindFix Group, which counsels individuals based on Pheil’s findings and the knowledge of the coaches that help run the program. Pheil said that the coaches she works with hold several different relevant certifications, including DiSC, systems focused thinking, Liminal thinking and certified coach licenses from the Coaches Training Institute. 

“We are able to identify the reasons why people get stuck in patterns and why they experience frustrations and challenges,” Pheil said. 

The process for individuals who become involved with the program typically begins when people come across The MindFix Group website, Pheil said that if people like what they see and want to utilize the group in their own lives, there’s a large “apply” button on the website that people can click on. 

From there, Pheil explained that the potential client fills out an application which helps Pheil’s team determine if the individual would be a good candidate to work with. If the applicant makes it through this first round of applications, they will receive a phone call which will determine whether or not they have been accepted into the program. 

Once in the program, an individual will work one-on-one via video with three different coaches and a program manager. There is no group coaching or in-person work. Pheil added that 96.1% of clients have found the program to be successful. 

Philip Worthman owns a sales training company, Worthman Consulting, worked with The MindFix Group at a time in his career when he felt stuck.

“At the time I had just come out of a 20+ year role as an account executive with an insurance company. I started my own business and it was going well and then it was like I couldn’t even move. I was absolutely just stuck,” Worthman said, recalling a time when it was difficult for him to pick up the phone to conduct his business. “I said Erin, if that’s about what your business does, then sign me up.”

Worthman said that for decades he was wildly successful, then after about a year of running his own business, he couldn’t move forward and didn’t know why. He said he felt like a fraud coaching sales teams, when he wasn’t confident in doing the work or making the calls himself. Worthman worked with The MindFix Group for several months via several weekly calls with team members.

“I did one (call) with a team member where we did one-on-one coaching and that was very cool and then I would meet with another coach and talk about why do I have the beliefs that I have,” Worthman said. 

Worthman added that at the time, participating in the program wasn’t exactly a financially prudent thing for him to do, so he decided to get as much out of it as possible by being fully vulnerable.

“I came into it like, I’ve got nothing to hide. I will be an absolutely open book and just fully honest, fully transparent and ready to see what it was. From the first week it was life changing,” Worthman said.

Two weeks after starting the program, Worthman said he closed on the largest deal he had closed within his year-old business. The deal was among a group of people with which Worthman said he previously had zero comfort.

“I sat in a room of scientists and doctors and Ph.D.s which I never found myself as an equal and I actually walked into that meeting and I was extremely confident,” Worthman said.

Worthman closed the deal and ended up walking the entire team through a two day bootcamp without any fear or anxiety. He said through the program, he learned that his previous fears were based on beliefs he held that weren’t true.

“The staff was just incredible and non judgemental,” Worthman said of The MindFix Group. “It was just having a conversation and understanding at different points in my history where perhaps I could have established that self limiting belief and understanding why I had that and was that real.”

Once Worthman was able to see what his previous beliefs were and determined them irrelevant, he said he was able to get rid of the beliefs that were holding him back in his business.

“It was being able to have honest conversations with Erin’s team about that and then just getting rid of that garbage in my head.”

Aside from ridding himself of these fears, Worthman said the most important thing he learned in the program was self discovery and being aware of his words and actions. He explained how he would previously hold a lot of judgement for those he was coaching, but learned to take a step back and teach rather than judge.

“It taught me in my business that it’s really easy to tell people what to do. It’s fine to show people best practices, now maybe let’s show them how to do that. How do we practically bring this into your life, your world, your business,” Worthman said.

Now almost two years into her new business, Pheil said The MindFix Group is on track to exceed the highest revenue year of her other, 16-year-old agency, Follow Bright. 

“When we started it was just me and now we have a team of six coaches and a program manager, we’re basically a team of nine people now. That’s happened in less than two years,” Pheil said.

Pheil said that while the program is life-changing for people, it’s relatively simple. Her goal is to spread her ideas to reach as many people as possible. 

“My long term vision is to get this out to the world. This is something that needs to be used in schools, in jails…it has the capability to change people’s lives rapidly,” Pheil said.

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