Frisco looking to allow businesses to serve alcohol on adjacent open spaces |

Frisco looking to allow businesses to serve alcohol on adjacent open spaces

Joe Moylan

The Frisco Town Council on Tuesday, June 10, unanimously approved an ordinance that would add “optional premise liquor licenses” to the town code.

Passed by the Colorado legislature several years ago and now included in Colorado Revised Statutes, optional premise liquor licenses allow current hotel and restaurant liquor license holders to occasionally serve alcohol outside of the established boundaries of their business, such as on an adjacent public open space. The optional premise license would need to be applied for in addition to a traditional liquor license.

Frisco town attorney Thad Renaud used the Island Grill at the Frisco Bay Marina as an example of the type of business that could apply for an optional premise liquor license.

Island Bar owner Bobby Kato approached the town about adding optional premise licenses to the town code so he could serve alcohol on the contiguous green space located near his bar during special events, according to a town council memo.

Frisco marketing, recreation and marina staff already has signed off on the request, the memo stated.

Operators of outdoor athletic facilities may also apply for optional premise licenses, Renaud said, such as a football stadium that features multiple premises that serve alcohol, but only during game time.

Optional premise liquor licenses will be added to the town code if approved on second reading during the June 24 Frisco Town Council meeting.

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