Frisco: Moosely, defined loosely, sells high-end hats, mostly |

Frisco: Moosely, defined loosely, sells high-end hats, mostly

Jessica Smith
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Summit Daily/Jessica Smith

Moosely Hats, a new store on Frisco Main Street selling hats, scarves and other winter apparel and accessories, made its debut in Arizona three years ago. It took owner Chad Schultz, originally from Wisconsin, that long to get over to Frisco, he said.

He spent two years in Arizona, and then another year in Georgetown, before finding the right place on Main Street. When the space opened up at the end of October, he jumped at the chance.

During the time in Georgetown, Schultz lived in Frisco and commuted to work every day. Now he lives just a block away from the store, and enjoys the convenience of walking over each morning.

The name “Moosely Hats” is a play on words, in which “moosely” sounds like “mostly.” Inside there are, indeed, plenty of hats, but that’s not all that Schultz sells. Customers can also find gloves, scarves and all kinds of winter apparel and accessories, including handmade jewelry.

“I specialize in what’s fashionable,” Schultz said of his products. “I pay attention to what’s in fashion. Fashion changes and I change accordingly.”

Schultz is always on hand to help out customers with questions about fashion, trends or just clothing in general. He researches every product he offers, he said, and can list its qualities at the drop of a hat (pun intended).

In the meantime, business has been picking up, Schultz said, and he expects to have more customers in as Christmas draws closer and snow brings more tourists to the mountains. And when spring comes, he said, he will change his offerings to reflect the season.

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