Frisco must reject big-bucks mentality |

Frisco must reject big-bucks mentality

George ShermanFrisco

Publisher Jim Morgan’s column (SDN Dec. 1) exemplifies the kind of big-bucks mentality challenging the people of Frisco in their battle against Home Depot. In the world according to Morgan, this big-box tide is already sweeping down the I-70 corridor, giving our mountain community no choice but to succumb. In Mr. Morgan’s lexicon, Summit Boulevard from Main Street to I-70 is already awash with “big-and-not-so-big-box-development,” so why not accept one more addition in the name of all those amenities decorating the Christmas-tree ballot the town council has produced? We opposed are dismissed as hopeless “idealists” for challenging our town government to find alternate means to combine economic livelihood with preservation of our mountain environment. Hopefully, Frisco voters will show Dec. 13 they cannot be treated like mindless robots marching to the drum beat of undocumented promises. They will reject Mr. Morgan’s model of me-too-ism. Frisco can do better, much better.

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