Frisco needs change in leadership, business practices |

Frisco needs change in leadership, business practices

RE: Frisco says no (SDN Oct. 14)As a Pitkin county native and a descendant of a homesteader family that came to Colorado in 1864, I have a real hard time swallowing Coloradan wananbes making selfish choices that serve only their interests and the interests of a few of their friends and business associates at the expense of the community and the landscape. Both sides of this debate have been so misleading. The argument that a “No” vote was preserving little ol’ Frisco is preposterous as well, but at the same time do we really need to change this community more than it has already been changed just for some tax revenue? Frisco has changed drastically from when this was a refuge for real mountain folk and a real Colorado mountain town. As much as I hate to admit it, Frisco is no longer a little mountain hamlet as a lot of you would like to believe that it is. As much as I despise some corporate conglomerate coming in and trying to muscle and deceive this community, I must say I have personally witnessed how competition in the retail environment has brought the cost of living down in the county. A word to the local business owners: You might want to reward the citizens in this community that defended you and your agenda with some competitive pricing. The same beer, gas, greeting cards, T-shirts and food are a fraction of the price only a few miles down the road. As long as you price gouge, there will always be a need for competition and there will always be Home Depots knocking on the door. At the end of this, I am not really sure who the winners and losers are, but both sides have been self-serving, deceitful and motivated by greed. Meanwhile, issues that really matter seem to elude the elected government of Frisco and are only paid lip service. I think it is time we sweep the floor and start over with our elected town government, and as citizens demand an end to price gouging by local business owners.

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