Frisco NIMBYs in the way of affordable housing |

Frisco NIMBYs in the way of affordable housing

Marie E. Roberts
Frisco, CO Colorado

Affordable housing is a pressing need in Summit County. Do we want our firefighters to have to drive over the Continental Divide from their homes in Park County when there is a fire at night in Summit County? And what about all the other essential workers who live scattered around Kremmling and Leadville because they can’t afford to live here?

Frisco town officials looked long and hard for land that could be used to help with this problem. Many meetings were held gathering ideas from the citizens. Consultants took our ideas and drew up several possible plans. We got to criticize the results and more plans were drawn. The Peak One parcel is the result of the consensus to develop a mixture of affordable housing and market-rate housing that can only be sold to full time employees in Summit County. One third of the land will also be set aside for open space. The town is almost ready to put out bids to developers.

Now NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) rears its head. Some of the neighbors got a clever idea. How about getting signatures on a petition to require a town-wide vote before selling, leasing, subdividing, or donating any town-owned land greater than 5 acres? What developer would bid on the Peak One parcel if there was a possibility of a vote on the land? The NIMBYs have sufficient signatures. When someone asked me to sign it, no mention was made of the Peak One parcel.

So we will get to vote on April 28 for a “pro-open-space” article. Sounds good to me. I’m for open space. It won’t say anything about holding up an affordable housing development. But that is what it is all about. Frisco neighbors, please vote NO in April. Summit County residents, please urge your Frisco friends to vote NO in April. Too bad that our firefighters who live in Park County can’t vote on it.

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