Frisco shouldn’t be just any town |

Frisco shouldn’t be just any town

Frisco, a beautiful town in the center of Summit County, surrounded by Dillon Reservoir on one side, mountains on the other and then a Big Orange Box. I think not. I have lived here for years, and my parents owned a business in Frisco. I have a brother that resides there and loves the place. There are ties. I can tell you that Home Depot will change the town forever. My company has done kitchen installations for Home Depot At Home Services run by another company, and we had to stop because we were not being paid. So don’t believe them when they say they will be employing sub-contractors that are displaced. Besides that, it just doesn’t belong in beautiful Frisco. Did everyone forget their roots? Who was willing to open businesses there when the big boxes would not? Why are you forgetting them? Just kick them aside, now that the town is big enough for big boxes to make a profit. You are biting the hand that has fed you all these years. Forget that they were here for the long haul. For businesses such as Bucksworth and Big Horn, may I ask, “Were they given major tax breaks to open up shop in Frisco, like Home Depot will be getting?”People won’t know that they gave up service, familiarity and friendship until it’s gone and all they have is some clerk citing store policy, there are no owners for you to talk to, just a chain of command. That is not the Frisco I know or want to know.As a commercial parcel, a beautiful, quaint-village-type shopping center can be built there, similar to one in Edwards, Lowry or Aurora. There are streets, parking, lots of shops and pedestrian-friendly, and it’s pretty, warm and comfortable. It’s not cold and unwelcoming. So Frisco would have to collect taxes for multiple business, but then they would not have to give the tax breaks either. They would be offering much more than just one type of business. As a woman, I am not fond of shopping at Home Depot; I need more choices. You have the space, give us the choices and remember Frisco has roots that held it in place all these years. Don’t just become ANYTOWN, USA.

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