Frisco tightens trash pickup rules |

Frisco tightens trash pickup rules


FRISCO ” Starting March 12, Frisco residents will have to make sure they don’t put their trash cans outside until pickup day, with lids closed tightly and all rubbish contained inside the can. The new ordinance also requires garbage cans to be brought back inside by 10 p.m.

The idea is to keep wild critters from rummaging in trash cans.

“We’ve been experiencing problems with small animals, like ravens and foxes, getting into open trash containers,” said Frisco Police Chief Tom Wickman. “This ordinance is a proactive measure to prevent an increase in bear activity.”

The Town of Frisco will be developing informational brochures for the public and working to educate citizens on the new rules before they take effect. Frisco police officers will also personally speak with non-compliant citizens as to why the ordinance is necessary. Repeat violations will result in a citation, and violators could face a fine, according to Frisco police. The amount of the fine is still being figured out, police said.

For more information on the new trash ordinance, please contact the Frisco Police Department at (970) 668-3579.