Funk, rock and psychedelic barnburners in Summit County bars |

Funk, rock and psychedelic barnburners in Summit County bars

Who: Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band

When: Monday

Where: three20south, Breck

Where’d the name come from? A fortune cookie

Home base: Asheville, N.C.

Type of music: “Nu-Funk.” Our members are Lee Allen (drums), Mary Frances (keys, vocals), Greg Hollowell (tenor sax, bari sax), Derrick Johnson (trombone), Al Ingram (bass, vocals), and JP Miller (guitar, vocals).

Why do people love ya? Funk is a highly lovable music. It makes people feel good. Before and after shows, we are always hangin’ out with our fans, so we get to be real good friends with a lot of folks all over the country.

How do you keep it fresh? We like to write new music all the time, and we’re always searching for interesting covers to throw in the mix. Although most of our compositions are real tight and orchestrated, we often involve quite a bit of elements of improv into the sets.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? Well, let’s see … opening for MC Hammer, getting stopped in our bus by an avalanche, cruising around Alaska on a crab boat, performing aboard Jamcruise, sitting in on a set at “Alfreds on the Beach” in Negril, Jamaica, playing outside on a stage at the base of Steamboat Springs in the middle of the winter – the list goes on.

Who: The Bridge

When: Wednesday

Where: three20south

Where’d the name come from? The name “The Bridge” was conceived by the old bass player as an ambiguous reference to many things musical and esoteric. The bridge of styles, music, personalities and themes exist. Also there is a profound power in the bridge of a song that can really tie a musical composition together.

Home base: Baltimore, Md.

Type of music: We play Bridge music. It’s rock ‘n’ roll, but so much more. Danceable movements, tearful ballads, foot-stomping barnburners, psychedelic improvisational moments, blues, funk, but with a common thread that keeps it all together as a unified sound, not an amalgam of randomness.

Who are you? We are six dudes trying to give it all every night for you.

If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A glass of water. Simple, elegant, pure and necessary for all life to survive.

Why do people love ya? If people love us, I hope it’s for the joy they receive from listening to our music and witnessing our live performances, and not our perfectly sculpted feet.

How do you keep it fresh? Well since you obviously haven’t been in our van, I’d have to say by constantly seeking inspiration from Mel Brooks movies.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? We robbed a few banks at the end of a highly unprofitable tour, and then gave it all back.

Who: Something Underground

When and where: Thursday at Dillon Dam Brewery and Saturday, April 12 at the Breckenridge Beer Festival

Where’d the name come from? The name of this band comes from the basement we got our start in here in Colorado. Underground is where we started. Our roots. We liked the idea of having “underground” in the name, but it needed a word in front of it. Some word. Some thing. Something. Once we said it a few times it stuck.

Home base: The Warehouse in Denver, Colo. The Warehouse is like the Bat Cave, only for musicians.

Type of music: We call it roots rock or rock ‘n’ roll for short. We are like most people and love many styles of music. We also like playing many styles of music. Our blend includes rock, reggae, blues, funk, folk and a little country.

If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? Our music would be the sun. It’s not really “tangible,” but you can feel it. We don’t know if you will produce more vitamin D when you listen, but it does seem that endorphins are a regular bi-product.

Why do people love ya? People love us because they are reflections of our love for them. We love what we do and try to express our gratitude for the people supporting us in it. We play hard and smile a lot. People seem to connect with our music as well.

How do you keep it fresh? We are constantly evolving our show and our music. Our sets are always different, and we are open to spontaneous moments that occur on stage. We also have a lot of musical friends that make guest performances at our shows. It would not be unusual to see other singers, horn players, guitar players, or even didgeridoo at one of our shows.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? We play a music festival in Cherokee, Iowa, in the dead of winter. After the festival is over, we go with some of the locals to a place deep in the woods. We sit in a 160+ degree sauna until we get delirious, then charge out onto a frozen lake with a hole cut in it. We then jump in the frozen lake. And we do this several times. It seems quite rational at this point.

Who: The Itals

When: Thursday

Where: three20south

Home base: Washington, D.C.

Type of music: Roots reggae

If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? Healthy food. It makes you feel good.

Why do people love ya? Positive message, conscious lyrics.

How do you keep it fresh? Stay positive, eat healthy, play a lot of music.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? Too many to list …

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