Funky reggae and rock in Summit |

Funky reggae and rock in Summit

Who: Cashed Love QuartetWhen and where: 3 p.m. today at The Maggie in Breckenridge; Monday at three20south; Saturday, Jan. 9 at Jonny G’sWhere’d the name come from? It’s a cross between the names of the bands we come from: Cashed Fools and Tubby Love. Home base: Boston, Mass.Type of music: The Cashed Love Quartet is a heady force of funky futuristic reggae. The freshly formed four-piece is comprised of the forces behind established Boston bands Tubby Love, Cashed Fools and Buffalo Soul. Collectively, members of the quartet have shared the stage with up and coming reggae greats including Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, The Aggrolites, Passafire and Blue King Brown, among others, and continue to contribute positively to the rapidly expanding roots reggae music scene.If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A pizza with the headiest toppings gathered from the furthest reaches of the universe. Our mission: To spread the music of our Boston scene to the world, starting with the land of the Rockies. Our drummer is from Boulder, and I used to live in Breckenridge. I recently started a label called One of These Records, which is comprised of all the bands that we are involved in. We will be bringing information and CDs of all of these bands with us to spread among the good people of Colorado. Why do people love ya? Because we love the people. How do you keep it fresh? We channel sounds and feelings from our influences through the music we play while keeping it uniquely our own. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? One time we booked an entire tour without having rehearsed together as a band or finalized the band lineup.

Who: GravityWhen and where: Saturday at The Goat Soup & Whiskey Tavern in Keystone and Jan. 22 at Alma’s Only Bistro in AlmaWhere’d the name come from? We grew tired of trying to come up with clever names. “Gravity” just kept coming back to us! Home base: DenverType of music: We’re an instrumental four-piece that incorporates Midi samples/ beats with traditional keys, bass, guitar and live percussion. The music has some elements of hip hop, funk, trance and dub step. We have been called everything from “live electronics” to “future funk.”If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? Electric Eel. Smooth, yet dangerous.Why do people love ya? We murder da dance hall with heavy bass, eclectic beats, catchy hooks and improvisation! How do you keep it fresh? We use unexpected vocal samples, heavy bass drops and weave several genres into our live show. We also like to drop “teasers” into our jams; last show we teased a little Britney Spears and Michael Jackson into our originals to mix things up. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? What happens on tour, stays on tour!

Who: James and The Devil When: Sunday Where: three20south, BreckenridgeWhere’d the name come from? There are a couple different meanings we take from it; my personal view is J&theD is a symbol of a man vs. his temptations. But we like to keep the meaning for the most part unspoken for fans to conclude on there own.Home base: DenverType of music: Rocky Mountain rock ‘n’ roll. We play genre-bending sets by including our most favorite styles each tour. (Dance-Rock-Folk-Funk-Hick-Hop-Pop-Punk-Reggae-World-Hardcore-Disco-Grass.) We also have an alcohol sponsorship from Montanya Distillery from Silverton that is sponsoring this tour with free shots and shag, drink specials and sweet raffles and giveaways.The sponsor: Montanya Distillers, which makes award-winning rum in the high mountains of southwest Colorado, is sponsoring the band’s Winter Tour.What the distillers think: James and the Devil is one of Colorado’s most musicianly, dance-savvy high energy bands, so they decided to team up and sponsor the Winter Tour – partly so Montanya Distillers could be associated with something so great, but also because they get an excuse to go to shows and dance their tails off, all in the name of, um, product promotion. At these shows, the bartenders will serve up Montanya Rum cocktail specials. Montanya Distillers will be giving away a ton of free stuff, including Silverton Mountain tickets, hats, stickers, T-shirts, and distillery gift certificates. Everyone who attends will have a chance to enter to win The Montanya Grand Giveaway (a Venture Zephyr Snowboard, Silverton Mountain Ski tickets, local Silverton hotel accommodations and great restaurant meals, cocktails at Montanya and a private distillery tour).If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? An old Jukebox loaded with new, original tunes.Why do people love ya? We come to put on a show for a wide demographic, and we try not to play styles too repetitiously, creating a large unified group of eclectics. We love to party – you will find us out on any given weekend “celebrating our mutual love of celebrating” with our people, fans and friends.How do you keep it fresh? We spice up set lists with a cleverly picked array of originals and classic covers we shuffle through. We find a genre we like, and we write a song together, expanding our tastes on every new project.What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? I’m guessing you want the filtered versions. We jump off cliffs, swim, explore caves, ride mountain sides, raft rivers, shoot guns, pull benders – you know, awesome stuff!

Who: FlowWhen: 8 p.m. Sunday Where: Copper MountainDescribe your sound: Fat bottomed beats mixed with second line soul. Back breaking, flip-switching funk.When did you guys get your start? It was very organic. We all met in high school and gradually came together through cosmically connected circumstances. This is the original lineup.Are you still as good of friends as you were in the beginning? Oh most definitely. We all live together in the Flow Manor in New Orleans. We’re basically a sound beast with six heads. How did Hurricane Katrina affect the band? Katrina made us realize what was important. We all lost something during the hurricane, but we gained a new sense of commitment to each other and to the city we love. It changed everything and put what’s real into focus.Do you play all originals or some cover songs? We primarily play originals but do mix in a few gems that aren’t our own. Our shows are flavor explosions, something for everyone.Tell me a funny story from a recent show. Living in New Orleans, you never know what you’re gonna get. We’ve had nuns and strippers getting down at the same show. Groupies v. Groupies. Every time it’s madness.What can people expect from your show? People can expect a dynamic, high energy, funktacular that will bring nothing but bizarrely irresistible grooves. We’re excited to be in Colorado, so come out and show us a good time!- Caramie Schnell contributed to Flow

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