Gail Culp: We must follow Frisco ordinances |

Gail Culp: We must follow Frisco ordinances

Gail Culp

Rob Murphy of Frisco’s “Vote No” contingency accuses me of providing misinformation. Rob appears unable to see the distinction between our laws and our advisory documents.

We have a Peak One Master Plan. Master plans are advisory documents to be followed or not, depending on the whim of our town leaders.

Frisco council adopted the zoning and annexation ordinances two months ago. These ordinances allow incredible density. These ordinances are the law, not merely guidelines. Since planning commissioner Bloch repeatedly misrepresented the new ordinance when asked about the Peak One density issue, I addressed the Frisco ordinances in my April 17 SDN guest opinion column.

The Peak One Master Plan, the Requests for Qualifications and Requests for Proposals may contain nice wish lists which address some of citizens’ concerns, but they not binding, nor are they the laws of Frisco. Our ordinances (which establish the RN zoning for Peak One parcel) are the laws we must follow. If there is a legal basis for challenging my interpretation of our new zoning ordinances, please speak; that would be the high road. Mr Murphy’s accusatory language ” “hypocritical,” “polite misinformation,” “illusory concerns,” “misrepresentation” ” could be considered mudslinging ” something we have seen too much of in our town.