Gale: Why true ski bums will never be extinct |

Gale: Why true ski bums will never be extinct

Lawrence Gale

Gravity! That’s why. You simply can’t “buy” your slice of Summit. No, bro, you gotta earn it. With gravity wounds!!!

Gravity wounds? You ask? What the sam-hell are gravity wounds.

Gravity wounds are those tremendous stories about how much fun you and your friends had when “your sled didn’t carry right!” “Oh, dude! That was gnarly – can’t believe you tried to launch over that?”

A gravity wound is when: 1. Physics, 2. Your Friends, and 3. What-ever-you-and-your-friends-put-you-up-to: simply didn’t work. Result? Fun! And a gravity wound – a fun story that lasts forever.

“You really tried to breach that?” – Better than an accident report.

No going back to your $4.20 million dollar empty mega-mansion, then home to your law firm in Dallas. No, to be a “local,” you, your friends, your silly gravity wounds, and tomorrow stay here. Gravity wounds remain in Summit County – and so do your friends, and your great stories – forever!

Fun. Remember fun? I do.

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