Gang activity in Summit County? |

Gang activity in Summit County?

No way … The worst attitude is when we don’t care. For me that is the Antichrist in our time and place. Love and hate at least are feelings but when we don’t care, that is a crime of silence, a crime of complicity. We must not live in denial. But we mostly do live in denial.

Cause and effect are as natural as the life cycles. What is he talking about?

The sign of not having equal, free, and fraternal societies is tremendous disparity. The polarization of any social issue is the perfect storm, to collect unhappy people and make them become part of some legal or illegal movement, because that movement shows they care about that specific person. Like gangs.

Do you know if Summit County is been affected by gang issues? Or are you one who doesn’t care? Or are you one who lives in denial? If you really care, take action. How?

Let’s practice our education. Let’s create a more free, equal, and fraternal Summit County. We cannot put more pressure in our budget or taxes. We cannot discriminate more, because that will increase gang activity.

We need to find proactive actions, take better care of ourselves, and take better care of our families. Let’s do better work when we work. It is time to give an extra mille in our activities. Talk about this with your kids.

Then if you see something, or you know something, report it. Call your local police department or call the Sheriff’s Office.

Take good care and show that you care about the people that you live, work and interact with. Be part of the solution.

And please do not increase hate to other groups: social, political, economical, racial, cultural, or religious. Heat will flame more activities; care will create a better Summit County.

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