Gann: Summit County Wicca welcome coverage |

Gann: Summit County Wicca welcome coverage

Ashley Gann, Dillon

On behalf of Gaia’s Rocky Mountain Covenant here in Summit County, I would like to thank the Summit Daily for their wonderful article on the Wiccan group in Newcastle. Not only was it very well-written, but it presented the community in a way that is positive, the way practitioners like myself view our religion. Unfortunately, the media is not always kind when it comes to those of us who follow any nature-based spiritual path.

The article was not only factual, but also light-hearted. The interviews from several different people in several different walks of life is an accurate representation of who we are…and while we are certainly a diverse group, ranging from college students, professionals, business owners, conservatives, and liberals alike, we all follow a life-affirming path that is inherently tied to the natural world in which we live and interact.

Ashley Gann, Dillon

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