Gansmann: Important reasons for change in US |

Gansmann: Important reasons for change in US

Ken Gansmann,

Several months ago, Ken Worth from Silverthorne wrote an article in the Summit Daily News entitled “Down with Obama.” Ken lived through the Great Depression and remembers the good and valuable lessons he learned while growing up like individual responsibility, families working together and living without government subsidies.

I can relate to Ken’s growing up experiences having now lived under 13 U.S. presidents beginning with FDR. As a young boy in the mid-1940s, we learned much about Marxist/Socialist world leaders such as Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Peron (Argentina) and Lenin/Marx/Stalin (Russia) leading up to World War II. All of these dictators were great orators, had the ability to arouse emotions of anger and hate, refused to accept responsibility, accused those around them and were unwilling to listen to opposing arguments/views.

Dictators, past and present, try to do the following things to gain total control:

1. Institute radical reforms and wipe out capitalism.

2. Aggregate power with increasing government controls.

3. Destroy or drastically weaken economies to facilitate their Marxist/Socialist agendas.

4. Take away individual freedoms. Only the dictator knows what needs to be done because we are too stupid.

Outside of FDR (who also pitted Americans against each other and sought ultimate power), the only other president (in my lifetime) to display such class warfare and divisive traits, is our current president. I hear him say words like “equal and fair” (not equal opportunity) for all. These are words right out of the Karl Marx manifesto.

U.S. “entitlements” (Medicare, Medicade and Social Security) now consume 40 percent of all federal spending. Do we want to become a welfare state like Greece, Italy, etc. now going broke because of their “entitlements” costs? For reference, the U.S. “entitlement” spending was only ~20 percent of Federal spending in 1980

Citizens beware! Entitlement is just a fancy word for government control and individual dependency. Talk with someone who lived in Eastern Europe in the mid-1900s and get their opinions. Read articles by Svetlana Kunin. She lived in the Soviet Union until 1980 working as a civil engineer.

Fortunately, at the present, we are still a country of the people, by the people and for the people; and not a country of the government, by the government and for the government. We can do something to slow or stop this marxist/socialist trend at the ballot box this coming November. We are smarter that the oppositions thinks. Do not elect or re-elect anyone who supports the growth of entitlements here in our country.

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