Garfield County reports fewer foreclosures in ’07 |

Garfield County reports fewer foreclosures in ’07

John Gardner
garfield county correspondent

GARFIELD COUNTY ” Garfield County witnessed a slowdown of filed foreclosures during 2007 while the rest of Colorado, and much of the nation, saw dramatic increases.

But Garfield County public trustee Bob Slade said it wouldn’t surprise him if the foreclosures increased in numbers in 2008.

“I think our numbers will increase this year but it’s hard to tell,” he said. “The last time foreclosures were high statewide, (Garfield County’s) were low and then when the rest of the state pulled out of it we were a little behind.”

Garfield County recorded 81 filed foreclosures in 2007, down from 96 in 2006. The rest of the state saw a 40 percent increase from 2006 to 2007, up 11,400 filings and totaling 39,915, according to a report released Wednesday by the Colorado Division of Housing (CDH).

The report stated the statewide foreclosure rate was 1 for every 45 households. That figure was slightly down from 1 for every 58 households in 2006 statewide.

The highest foreclosure rates were found in the Denver metro area, Weld and Pueblo counties. Adams County had the highest foreclosure rate with one per every 23 households and Weld County had one per every 29 households.

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