Gary Lindstrom: Pet peeves: Yours, mine and ours |

Gary Lindstrom: Pet peeves: Yours, mine and ours

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This is a compilation of things that I hear or think about as I trundle about Summit County. For the most part they are a waste of brain power or oxygen if you think or talk about them.

People insist on saying that I 70 runs east and west or the Dam road runs east and west or that Swan Mountain Road runs east and west. They don’t folks. They run generally north and south. It is correct to say they run eastbound or westbound but the road itself runs nearly north and south. Main Street in Frisco runs east and west. The other side of the Interstate on west Main Street is west and not north. I hear long time locals refer to the other side of the interstate in Frisco as the north side of the interstate. It is the west side.

Summit County is known as “Ski Country”. We get snow at least nine months a year in various amounts. We have four ski areas here and people come from all over the world to enjoy our snow and cold weather. Then we have the person who moves here from somewhere else and spends all of their time complaining about the snow and cold weather. You have got to be kidding me.

Then people complain about the snow and ice on the roads in the winter. For some reason they lost the connection with winter sports and snow on the road. I think they truly believe that the snow should land everywhere but on the roads.

And then we have tourists. Tourists equate to cars. When the tourists come they drive their cars. Then we have traffic. Then the Summit County brain trust complains about the traffic. Duh. What do they expect? I have learned to stay home if the traffic is bad.

I 70 was not planned very well and for the past twenty years we have cars backed up from Frisco to Golden every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. It is a fact of life. That is much like the snow landing on the roads.

The classic one is the current debate about bikes on Swan Mountain Road. We have had bikes on Swan Mountain since the road was built.

I love the discussion about cameras on the buses. There are cameras watching you everywhere. It is a health and safety issue and has nothing to do with private rights. You do not have any private rights when you are in the public. You are being watched just about everywhere you go. Think about that before you pick your nose.

And now for all of you grammarians out there here is your chance to complain. Here is the longest run on sentence you will read today. Colorado taxes are the lowest in the nation, undocumented workers are here to stay, you can’t deport 12 million people, gas prices will continue to increase regardless of how much you complain, there is no solution to pine beetle short of cutting the trees down and there is not enough money on the planet to do that, housing will continue to get more expensive, affordable housing increases the cost of all housing, open space increases the cost of all land, there will always be bears getting into your trash, the grocery stores will always be crowded with tourists, there are way too many police officers in Summit County, firefighters will continue to park their fire trucks in the parking lot at grocery stores to buy food for the station, there will always be highway construction and cone zones, people should not violate the migratory bird laws by using a garden hose to knock down bird nests in the eaves of their home, global warming is real, the north pole might be totally clear of ice this summer, you can’t move the slow moving car in front of you by tailgating, you do not have to talk loud when you are on your cell phone, but you do have the right to complain so keep it up.

Gary Lindstrom has lived in Summit County since 1974 and is a retired police officer and a recovering politician. He can be contacted at

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