Gary Meinert: Obama inept |

Gary Meinert: Obama inept

Gary Meinert

Mr. Snook: You might be able to stand another four years of President Obama, but our country certainly can’t. Fortunately, according to polls, the youth vote, the Jewish vote and even many in the black caucus are abandoning him. Why? Because he had two full years of complete control of Congress and he made things much worse than he inherited. To make matters worse, his 72 rounds of golf in eight months, the daily games of basketball with his buddies and his love affair with Air Force One caused us all to wonder what he’s doing in this time of crisis. The country would be much better off if he took his malignant egocentricity and stayed on vacation.

Unfortunately, we citizens would like to know that someone is at the helm and working for us. He clearly is not and for good reason: He is a fraud, inept and incapable because he has had absolutely no life experiences from which to learn. He was spawned in the sewer system of Chicago politics so many of us knew what to expect. Only those who stood with blind admiration of “the one” fell for his hollow rhetoric.

Sadly, his campaign speech before the full Congress was the same old thing which was predicted. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” If Einstein was correct, Obama has confirmed to the American people that he is, indeed, nuts!

The most accurate way I can describe this president is that we have to dig deep even to find shallow.

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