Gary Peterson: Analog to digital |

Gary Peterson: Analog to digital

Gary PetersonSummit Public Radio and TVVP Engineering & Site Management

Thank you Rick Everum for your letter regarding the availability of free over-the-air television in Summit County.The three TV stations that Rick wrote about along with seven FM radio stations are made possible by Summit Public Radio and Television, an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) listener and viewer supported organization.While the major television broadcasters across the country have been required to switch to over to digital TV, translator operators such as SPRTV are being allowed to continue broadcasting analog signals a while longer. Next year SPRTV plans to build two full digital TV translators at the Baldy site that can carry as many as eight additional television program streams. The three old analog TV translators will eventually be changed to digital as well.The installation of new equipment on Baldy will be expensive, and while a Federal grants program will cover much of the cost, it is also a strain on SPRTV resources. You can support SPRTV with your expressions of encouragement and monetarily on our website at