Gaug: Just another problem with fracking |

Gaug: Just another problem with fracking

Maryann Gaug, Silverthorne

I read the article in Tuesday’s SDN about earthquakes and deep-well waste disposal and smiled to myself. Didn’t anyone learn anything from the earthquakes in Denver in the 1960s caused by disposal of wastewater at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal?

I remember being awakened by the tremors and rattling around at my school desk in those days. Once the wastewater disposal in deep wells ceased, the earth tremors ceased. The Visitor Center at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge even has an interpretive sign in their wonderful history display about the wastewater disposal causing the earthquakes.

Yes, just another problem with fracking…. Not all areas have the same geology so maybe deep disposal won’t always cause quakes. We need to make sure regulations are in place to look at the possibility of quakes before permitting fracking or disposal of fracking waste.

Maryann Gaug, Silverthorne

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