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"’: Gen- James Bond or dud?: ander should’ve been -ed out

My mom warned me about “‘ movies. I should have listened to her. From the first scene in “” – a heavy-metal, punk, flame-throwing, underground party – I knew I just wasn’t cool (or hip?) enough for this movie. Or maybe it’s that I didn’t spend the day shooting guns and drinking tequila (like Dan) before I entered the adrenaline-packed “.”

Two (male) friends talked me into seeing the movie, selling it as a spy thriller chocked full of extreme sports. Little did I know one of them was specifically looking for mind-numbing entertainment.

The extreme scenes were overdone: as if the Superman trick (throwing legs back and elevating the body above a flying motorcycle) isn’t intense enough in real life, “” hero ander Cage (Vin Diesel) had to throw the trick while jumping through tangles of barbed-wire to escape a Columbian drug raid. Similarly, the snowboarding scene was cinematically extraordinary, but who throws an explosive over their shoulder to set off a major avalanche, then outruns it on their board, while meanwhile, it takes out all the bad guys on snowmobiles? Only thrill-seeker Cage.

I never liked James Bond movies, and “” relies heavily on Bond themes, such as the cloaked villain, the beautiful woman, the technology geek, outrageous stunts, life-saving chases and a relaxing beach scene to wrap it all up. I prefer Mike Myers’ spoofs on Bond movies.

However, the plot kept my attention: National Security Agents blackmail underground thrill seeker, send him to the Czech Republic to infiltrate renegade officers who plan to destroy the world, then self-centered, extreme sports hero learns he cares about other people. The characters and scenery also were interesting.

I even enjoyed the tricked-out GTO and the specialized bullets ander carefully chose to save the world, but in the end, I just couldn’t swallow the fact that ander had 10 times more lives than Rambo, Bond and the Terminator combined.

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