Gene and Mary Pflum: Stop giving people stuff |

Gene and Mary Pflum: Stop giving people stuff

Gene and Mary Pflum

Our country has a great history of helping people in need, including our own people and other people around the world. I think our government at the present time confuses helping people with enabling them. Giving a child what they ask for without requiring them to make an effort to help themselves is an enabling process. Our government is an enabler in many current programs. Welfare has created a society in which young women are paid to stay at home and care for children they cannot afford to raise themselves. The more children they have, the more they are paid. China pays only for the first child and if the family has more than one child all support is forfeited. Unemployed workers are given 80 percent of their previous two year high wages, and now that is extended to almost two years. Why should they try to find work? President Clinton had a program that had a progressive removal of benefits to welfare recipients; couldn’t this be applied to welfare and unemployment recipients? I was in the Indian Health Service for 10 years and saw how giving people health care, education and other benefits has resulted in dependency. Most of the younger Indians want jobs and to work, but the government for 200 years has not acted with programs to improve independence and self-pride. The current health care bill doesn’t resolve problems, it just creates new ones. Good intentions are not enough. Our country was founded on the premise that the opportunity to succeed is available to everyone, but you have to work for it. Vote .

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