Genetically modified foods wanted by big transnational companies |

Genetically modified foods wanted by big transnational companies

The main social problem involved with the genetic engineering industry lies in the great power of biotechnology companies.

They have the ability to take advantage of once-productive citizens by creating and using a variety of hybrid, genetically modified (GMO) crops, with which no conventional farmer can compete.

These transnational corporations already control large segments of the world’s food supply and are looking to produce GMOs on a much larger scale than already exists.

We may not see drastic negative effects of GMOs for decades and, furthermore, our government is making it close to impossible to trace any such effects by not requiring the labeling of these ingredients.

Nutritional and basic ingredients in products must be labeled by law, so how can we justify no labeling of genetically modified ingredients?

In the future event of a major health threat posed by GMOs, the reduced existence of traditional farms will potentially cause a drastic food shortage.

Just as cloning humans remains a huge concern, the production of GMOs should be as well.

The many possible side effects of GMOs include the following: Unexpected production of new toxins and allergens, increased use of chemicals on crops, (resulting in increased contamination of our water and food supply), the creation of herbicide-resistant weeds, the spread of diseases across species barriers, loss of biodiversity in crops, increased sickness and suffering for genetically engineered animals, and the disturbance of ecological balance.

There is much information available about GMOs and the many surrounding issues that receive little or no media attention.

Authors of books, such as “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser, have done extensive research into the history, behavior and effects of the processed and GMO foods industries (fast food chains, meatpacking plants, etc.)

After reading, see how appealing it is to buy fast food or genetically modified and/or processed meat ever again.

There are many reasons entire nations are banning the importation of GMOs, and they are not all political.

You have the choice whether or not to consume genetically modified foods. Everyone has the right to know exactly what they are consuming.

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