George Tranelberg: Recpath users shouldn’t take on others’ risk |

George Tranelberg: Recpath users shouldn’t take on others’ risk

George TranelbergParker

Re. by William Novak, letters, June 16

Mr. Novak’s letter regarding complaints about the risks to others posed by skate boards and, in particular, longboards, is a good example of the rationalization of the selfish and irresponsible behavior of a fairly large portion of the Summit County population. Of course certain activities involve risk of injury, and persons who don’t want to accept that risk should simply not participate. However, that does not mean persons not associated with that activity should be forced to accept that same risk of injury. Mr. Novak’s assertion that families on a stroll, small children or babies in strollers should be put at risk of injury so that he can risk his own neck is nonsense. If one activity on a multi-purpose recreation path precludes the utilization of the path by another segment of potential users, it is no longer a true multi-purpose venue. Going for a walk or pushing a stroller on the Summit County recreational path should not be a high-risk outing. The suggestion that the skate boarding (or longboarding) community can share any venue using respect and courtesy is almost laughable.

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