George W. Bush administration sets policies with future consequences |

George W. Bush administration sets policies with future consequences

Two years ago, our nation elected a man promising to “bring change to the tone in Washington.” While the Oval Office is no longer a playground, George W. Bush and his reckless and arrogant administration have brought policies that will prove disastrous for years to come.

In just more than two years, we have seen a $5.6 trillion surplus disappear and as we speak, we are pushing our debt ceiling. In just two years, we have managed to see gas prices higher than anytime in the past 20 years. In just two years, we taken a booming economy and turned it into one of the most stagnant, slow, bumbling economies in American history.

In just two years, we have managed to throw $57 billion into Afghanistan, and yet Osama bin Laden is still at large. We have began a new policy of international name-calling, pre-emptive attacks and unilateral actions. Bush and his cronies have managed to cripple such international peace-keeping entities such as NATO and the United Nations.

Bush’s “stimulus package” has stimulated nothing. His No Child Left Behind program has left thousands behind. The program should be called, “If You Can’t Keep Up, You’re Stupid” program.

The state of America is grim. Congress has given up its power to a president only one other time in history, and the disastrous Vietnam war was the result of that. Now, once again, Congress stands hauntingly silent, paralyzed by the actions of our so-called leader – a leader who publicly denounced the actions of millions of Americans protesting his actions.

Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia stated the times perfectly last week when he said, “We are truly sleepwalking though history. In my heart of hearts I pray that this great nation and its good and trusting citizens are not in for a rudest of awakenings.”

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