George W. Bush wants to finish off war started by daddy |

George W. Bush wants to finish off war started by daddy

My brother lives peacefully in the Middle East. A good friend of mine is a retired West Point-trained army colonel who fought in Korea and Vietnam.

After listening to knowledgeable people like them, I have realized it would be insanity to start a war with Iraq. Even if you ignore the real horrors of war (unlike the neat little picture CNN gives us) there are too many reasons to list here.

President Bush wants to keep our minds off the economy, the national debt, Social Security, the environment and the health care crisis.

Having an enemy to focus our attention on works for many rulers to dampen social unrest. Most popular presidents are the wartime ones. The United States used to go to battle, for the most part, to defend itself.

Now we want to pick a fight no one else wants except Tony Blair to finish what George W.’s daddy started and get more oil.

Do you think the innocent people of Iraq will understand that their families must be slaughtered in the name of democracy?

Let’s use our military might to ensure a people’s government in Afghanistan. We have left that country unstable and near lawless. If we do not finish the job there, another terrorist organization will move in and oppress the innocent people. Then we are back where we started, only the Afghan people will hate us, too.

I urge you to call your congressmen and the White House before it is too late. The numbers are: Rep. Scott McInnis at (202) 225-4761, Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell at (202) 224-5852, Sen. Wayne Allard at (202) 224-5941 and President Bush at (202)456-1414.

Even those of you who are solely economically motivated should call to stop this war.

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