Georgina Miller: Gun-control proponents should unite |

Georgina Miller: Gun-control proponents should unite

Alex, I agree nearly completely with your editorial today. I’m sure other countries have the same number of lunatic fringe that we have in this country, but don’t have nearly the number of massacres. The difference is the ease with which nearly any one can get powerful hand guns and large ammunition clips. The NRA’s ability to organize gun lovers and intimidate our government officials is a powerful factor in maintaining this status quo.

I suspect the number of citizens who would like to see much greater firearms regulation far exceeds the number who don’t. The biggest problem is that we, who do favor much tighter regulations, are not organized. Beyond writing to my state and national congressional representatives, I don’t know what else to do! Is it possible to start grass roots organizations, first locally and then nationally, with the one purpose of countering the NRA’s influence? I am not a political person, have zero organizational or leadership abilities, but I would sure like to be a foot soldier in such a group. Do you want to try and get something like this started locally?

Alex Miller responds: Nationally, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence stands as the biggest opponent to the NRA and advocate of stronger gun control ( The Brady Campaign in Colorado is represented by the Greater Denver Million Mom Chapter. Locally, continuing to speak up in letters to the media and members of Congress is important, as is pursuing a “smart gun” lifestyle: Either don’t own them or, if you do, follow best safety practices, take those hunter and shooter safety classes and, above all, don’t own or condone things like assault rifles, extended clips and other dangerous and unnecessary weapons.

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