Gerber: Summit the beautiful? |

Gerber: Summit the beautiful?

Joe Gerber
Encinitas, Calif.

As an annual visitor and former resident, I am concluding our 2013 visit by wondering what the hell happened to local pride in the beauty of this place. I have been taking my dog for walks in the evening with a large garbage bag. I practice this in California where I now live. Despite filling half a dozen during our visit, I am realizing it’s an impossible task for one person. Never before have I smelled a full season of unattended-to dog feces outside restaurants and residents’ homes. Beer bottles and cans strewn about less than 50 feet from a small local businesses’ doors. Resort staff tossing their cigarette butts on the ground while wearing the resort logo. I fell in love with Breckenridge 20 years ago and hate to watch it die a slow painful death. I am afraid this is what I am witnessing. Then I read that most residents who write letters to the Summit Daily are griping about this bag tax. Really? Can this be a real concern given the clearly woeful state of the town’s environment? Maybe Peak 6 is too much for the resort to handle.

I’ll keep contributing as long as I’m here, and I hope this letter isn’t met with derisive “go home, then” rhetoric. I am going home, and hope I left it an ever so slightly better place. Please don’t let irresponsible visitors in your home.

Joe Gerber, Encinitas, Calif.

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