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Get educated and change

Stephanie BrittBreck

Your U.S. Forest Service plan to deal with all the dead pine trees that have died from the pine beetles in the area makes me kind of laugh … I’m sorry.Its time to put two and two together people. Warmer temperatures mean more insects. Summit County’s pine beeetle infestation/explosion is a direct result of Global Warming.Yes, Virginia, you who drive wasteful, gas-guzzling SUV’s and live overly excessive lifestyles while half the world starves are directly responsible for this disaster, as well as the hazy brown cloud that has crept into the previously pristine air of this still beautiful area.As a global environmentalist, I’m continually appalled by people’s lack of concern and respect for the environment. Here we have all these billions of dollars going into a global militarized U.S. fascist police state (that puts up security/spy cameras up at all the intersections so some stiff necked cop can violate your privacy and put your license plate into some far-flung database) when funds should be directed into confronting what is probably the greatest threat to Mankind’s survival and security in the 21st century: Global Warming. (Go see Al Gore’s new movie: An Inconvenient Truth).In a word, this country is going “Forward in full reverse” under this un-elected elistist, fascist, republican Bush Administration. A fascist police state does not have the capability nor the where-with-all to deal with patterns of overconsumption, environmental protection ethics nor such lofty feminine principles of nuturance, care and compassion for the Earth – quite the contrary.There are those out there who are confronting this U.S. fascist Police State mentality and direction to which we as a people and a nation are now in. There’s a documentary film Alex Jones has put out called; “9/11-Martial Law: Rise of the Police State” on DVD which every American needs to see.So time to evolve ; let’s gut the military and fund the libraries and the environmentalists. We’ve lost precious time, but the people always rise up and radically change direction when they are informed and educated.

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