Get important information to maintain your computer |

Get important information to maintain your computer

eRin pheiL
eRin pheiL

Howdy everyone. Let’s see what interesting little pieces of information we can learn today.

Q Hi eRin. I read your articles all the time and do my best to follow your advice on maintaining and cleaning my computer. I remove my temporary Internet files, defrag, uninstall programs I no longer use, etc. After all this, however, I still run across files that I don’t think my computer uses and are just taking up space. What I’m asking is this: Is there some type of program I can run to check for and remove excess junk files on my computer?

ASurely. I’ve actually just recently been told of a nifty little shareware program called CleanCenter that was developed to free up disk space by finding and removing these pointless, space-wasting “junk” files from your computer. (Yes, YOUR computer.)

CleanCenter claims that it can find over 48 different types of junk files and that it allows you to remove them in three simple steps. You can give the free trial a shot, and if you like the program, you can purchase it for $29.95.

If CleanCenter sounds interesting to you and you’d like to learn more, head over to: http://www.webattack.


You know what? I wish they’d make a computer program that would clean my house every time I ran it. I’d pay a one-time fee of $29.95 for that type of software in a heartbeat. Sigh.

Q There are so many different types of security software programs out there. How am I supposed to be able to determine what I need and what I don’t?

A I totally agree. Trying to figure out what type of security program to buy for your computer elicits that utterly hopeless feeling you get when you’re standing in the ice cream aisle, trying to figure out which flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to purchase for the evening. (Or should you just get sorbet?)

Back to the issue at hand: figuring out what security software fits your specific needs. Try this out. Go to:


default.asp. Check the boxes that apply to you. Hit the “recommend” button at the bottom of the page. Take a look at the results. You’ll immediately learn which types of programs you should be considering.

Sure, all the recommended programs are made by McAfee, but at this point you can simply start comparison shopping for similar types of software – and look at what McAfee’s competitors (such as Symantec) are offering.

Taking these steps should get you off to a great start.

QI need help! I’ve been trying to defrag my computer for a long time now, but it never works! The process always starts over and never gets very far. I know you’ve said that there should be no programs running, so I turn everything off before I defrag, but that doesn’t help. What can I do so that I can successfully defragment my computer?

ATake a deeeeeep breath. You’re not alone. Tons of people run into this problem, and that’s exactly why some nice person out there developed a great little program to help you out.

The great little program I’d like to tell you about is called End It All. Sounds a little scary/somewhat suicidal, but it’s okay. It’s actually super helpful.

In one shot, End It All lets you terminate all nonessential programs and processes that are running on your computer. EVERYONE LISTEN UP! Terminating all the programs and processes running on your computer is something you should be doing not only when you’re about to defrag, but when you’re about to do things such as:

n Install new software

n Uninstall software

n Run ScanDisk

n Run processor-intensive games

n Burn a CD

Got it? This program is for everyone. Not just people having problems defragging.

End It All can be used on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, and 2000. (I have a strong hunch it’ll work fine on P, but because this program was released before P came out, P isn’t on its list of compatible/supported operating systems.)

And lastly, wanna know the cooooolest part about End It All? Yup. You guessed it. It’s totally free.

To download End It All, go to:


Alright. That wraps it up for today. Stop reading this. You should be doing something really fun right now, like skiing, eating ice cream, or playing Connect Four! Go! And don’t worry. I’ll be here next week.

Based in Frisco, eRin pheiL is the primary creative force behind timeforcake

( She can be reached via phone at (970) 668-0709 or e-mail at

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