Get involved, have an impact |

Get involved, have an impact

Mark WaldmanFrisco

I am in favor of Home Depot. I am in favor of Home Depot for the same reasons the opposition is against. I would like to go over those reasons now.Traffic: I have been to most of the Home Depots in the greater Denver area and many of the largest stores and traffic areas. I have never seen a better traffic pattern than the one that exists for the Frisco location of Home Depot.Low paying seasonal jobs: I think those who raise this issue have not spoken to the lower paid working class of Frisco and Summit County. They would love to see more $10-plus jobs. We all have taken economic classes and know that supply and demand is what controls price. We know that if you want local working wages to go up, you need to have more jobs than people to work them. With the 100 jobs generated by Home Depot, we start to make an impact.Noise: This I just don’t get. There is nothing noisier than Interstate 70 and nothing better to break the noise than a building. Even a grove of trees doesn’t do it as well.Business: Home Depot will have a positive impact on the local business community. I know that much of my dollars now go to Evergreen, Denver and Edwards. Every trip to Home Depot for me includes at least one visit to another store. The look: Like competition, there is a valid concern over the big box look. Quite frankly, there can be nothing uglier and unlike the Frisco we envision than Holiday Inn, Best Western, Alpine Inn, Safeway, Wal-Mart and that entire area of commercial business. It is all of our hope that what we do with the land will encourage the business to dress themselves up.I challenge all of you to get involved. Ensure you get an attractive building by joining and attending the planning commission, economic development advisory committee and town council meetings.

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