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Get involved in your newspaper

Whitney Childers

I have a confession to make – journalists are greedy. And I don’t necessarily mean in the monetary sense of the word.

Every day we write stories. We write thousands of words. During just a month’s time, we write hundreds of names, with hundreds of quotes.

Those quotes just aren’t enough. We want more.

One of the most important services a community newspaper can provide its readers is more names, more viewpoints and more pictures of its neighbors.

Community newspapers have a goal to provide differing opinions on local issues to readers. Most of the time, this comes in the form of quotes in news and sports stories. As reporters produce stories on news and information in the county, they strive to find people on opposite sides of an issue or different participants in an event.

This can be cumbersome without help from you, the reader and community member.

There is a saying in newspapers: We don’t want to always quote the “usual suspect.” If you are a usual suspect, you know who you are. Reporters may call you seeking a quote to help present balance and fairness in the story. As the usual suspect, you are quite skilled at giving us quotes and helping us understand a subject matter more clearly. We appreciate you!

But, we still want more. This is where other readers come into play.

So, to help us be a community newspaper that provides a well-rounded point of view on myriad issues and events in the county, we are asking for your help – your voice.

Beginning today, we are creating a virtual database for our reporters and photographers. This database is purely a volunteer program. We are requesting any full-time or part-time residents, and visitors of all ages and backgrounds to fill out a simple questionnaire. We also would love to have your photo.

If you agree to fill out the form that means you would be willing to allow a reporter or photographer to call you and ask questions about certain issues that may be of interest to you. The database will not be made available to the public.

Starting today, we will be publishing the questionnaire in the Summit Daily for the next two months. And, get this … we will do a random drawing from questionnaires we receive through April 30. The winner gets a whopping $100!

So, I encourage all readers to get involved in “SDN Reader Database” and help us get more viewpoints into your community newspaper.

Whitney Childers is the editor of the Summit Daily News and may be reached at (970) 668-3998, ext. 227 or wchilders@

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