Get serious, Carlisle |

Get serious, Carlisle

Tom HealeyDillon

Don Vito Corleone would describe Marc Carlisle as a man not to be respected or taken seriously. But before I take Marc behind the woodshed, I had better make clear that I am not on the side of the Republicans or George Bush. And I’m not on the side of the Democrats or Bill and Hillary Clinton. I’m on the side of God.Kings, prime ministers, presidents, or governors do not have authority to show mercy to anyone who has broken the law. God said that authorities are not above the law, authorities can’t judge the law, authorities are not to show mercy, and authorities who are negligent in prosecuting should be prosecuted themselves (Num. 35:1; Deut. 19:13, 21; Prov. 6:30-31). Search scripture, and see if God delegated this authority. He did not!If Marc’s motives were righteous and honorable, I would laud his writing. But it’s so obvious that he is not concerned with justice being served. His motives are to side with his political party and against God. George W. is wrong, wrong, wrong. Bill Clinton was wrong, wrong, wrong. Both should be prosecuted. If Scooter broke the law, he should be punished. But we can also ask the motives ot the prosecutor of Scooter. What was his motives. Where they to service justice or to punish George W. and the Republicans.Why would Don Vito Corleone not respect Marc or take him seriously? Bill Clinton pardoned criminals mainly because he either got money under the table or he got sexual favors from the tax-evader’s wife.While I don’t condone George W’s pardon, at lease he pardoned Schooter to be merciful. Another reason Don Corleone would disrespect Marc is that Marc is not at all upset that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broadrick. The Wall Street Journel, after investigating this rape, wrote that there is enough evidence to claim that “this rape did in fact did happen.” And the evidence for the rape was the key piece of evidence which caused the House of Representatives to vote for impeachment of Bill. Where’s the outrage, Marc?If only Marc’s love for Bill’s rape victim was greater than his hatred for God, America, George W. and the Republicans. If only Marc’s love for the millions of Iraqi citizens who Saddam murdered was greater than his hatred for God, America, George W. and the Republicans. If only his love for liberalism and party was just equal to his love for God and America, I would not fear for this country.I was in Vietnam when the Marcs of the world put us in the fight and then pulled the rug from under us. When our soldiers went to Iraq, I mistakenly held out hope that we would unite behind them. But, alas, the Marcs of the world have slithered on to the scene. I can’t wait for Judgment Day.

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