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Get Werked in Breck

Krista Driscoll
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Special to the Daily

There are studio bands, those that take advantage of all the bells and whistles of mixing and overlaying sounds and funky effects and grooming their music to perfection. And then there are live bands, those that prefer an audience, a jam and a chance to fly by the seats of their pants.

For Ohio band The Werks, nothing beats a live show.

“It’s important because we’re heavy on the jam and improv side of the coin,” said Rob Chafin, drummer and lead singer. “Most of our songs we play have long, extended improv instrumentation. We play off of the crowd and the energy of the room or the festival. The more people giving us more positive energy, the better we play.

“Nothing’s better than a sold-out room. We get the same energy from a sold-out three20south as a big festival.”

Though The Werks are known for their extensive jam sessions, which will be in full effect at their show today at three20south, Chafin said it’s their willingness to go outside the box that sets them apart from other “jam bands.”

“We’re willing to bring back that experimental, psychedelic vibe,” he said. “We don’t know what’s going to happen, where that song’s going to go. We never play the same song twice. Adding that ability to add the electronic jam side sets us apart.”

Chafin said that electronic element of the band’s music allows it to jump from festivals such as Camp Bisco and Electric Forest to Dark Star Jubilee and beyond.

“We can play these electronic bills, and at the same side, we can play jam festivals,” he said. “In my mind, for the style of music we play, there’s three types: jam-funk-rock, bluegrass or electronic, and we kind of have a little of all three.”

The Werks have crisscrossed the country the past year, even taking a jaunt down to Costa Rica for a couple of shows in February, but Chafin said the band is excited to be back in Summit County.

“Nice people, great town, great music scene, weed’s legal,” Chafin said with a laugh. “We love Colorado, we love three20south, and we love Rocko.”

The Werks owe Rocko, aka Matt Karukin, of three20south, a debt of gratitude from a past visit to the Summit.

“We were stranded in a flash blizzard after one of our shows, and he helped us get off the mountain,” Chafin said. “He saved our butts. We were supposed to be in Aspen at the Belly Up, and our tour bus stopped working on the mountain in Breckenridge, right before we were supposed to leave.

“He found us a diesel repairman in the mountains on a Saturday. We made it with 10 minutes to spare at the Belly Up, and we rocked it. … So we owe Rocko a lot. This is the rock out for Rocko end of the season closer; it’s gonna be great.”

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