Gibbs and Scanlan plan for busy year on Capitol Hill |

Gibbs and Scanlan plan for busy year on Capitol Hill

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Summit County, CO Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY ” Sen. Dan Gibbs and Rep. Christine Scanlan held an open town meeting on Sunday to discuss several new bills which ranged from lowering the legal boating blood alcohol level to solving the pine beetle problem.

Sen. Gibbs and Rep. Scanlan are looking to get a lot accomplished in 2008, and Sen. Gibbs is already carrying 15 different bills.

“I’m carrying a full plate and I’m excited,” said Gibbs.

One of the main issues that continues to take precedent for both Sen. Gibbs and Rep. Scanlan is the pine beetle problem. One of the bills being sponsored for 2008 looks to re-authorize the Colorado Forest Restoration Act, which provides cost-sharing grants for up to $1 million for community forest restoration projects.

“When we walk around the capitol building we carry our beetles with us,” Sen. Gibbs joked as he pulled out a small plastic bag holding a dead pine beetle.

Rep. Scanlan and Sen. Gibbs are also working together to create a safer environment for boaters by lowering the blood alcohol level for intoxication.

Currently, the legal blood alcohol level for boaters is slightly higher than for drivers, which can become a major safety issue for all individuals on the water.

Also on the agenda for Sen. Gibbs is a bill to set a nutritional beverage standard for K-12 schools, and a bill to increase penalties for large scale, black market CD sales.

Newly appointed Rep. Scanlan is adjusting to her role at the Capitol Building and is excited to be apart of all the changes set to be proposed in the next year.

“I’m looking to continue the good momentum that Sen. Gibbs has started in the House,” said Rep. Scanlan. “The work that comes through is so important and I’m so honored to be there.”

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