Ginger Belknap: Stranded traveler award for Summit County |

Ginger Belknap: Stranded traveler award for Summit County

Ginger Belknap
Springville, Utah

The stellar hospitality of Silverthorne is deserving of our gratitude and thanks.

In August we received a call that my husband’s father had past away. We live in Utah and the funeral was to be in Missouri in three days time. So, within hours we were packed and on our way, not happy campers, but a quiet and melancholy crew.

The journey was uneventful until we were four miles past Silverthorne, going east on I-70, to Denver, when our auto died a sudden and immediate death. We were in the left lane, passing a long line of semis when we lost all power. My husband merged into the center land and with cars zooming around us on both sides said, “Let me know when the right lane clears and I’ll coast us back onto the shoulder.”

When the lull in the traffic came, he, without the aid of power steering or power brakes, backed us onto the shoulder. Then we called our insurance towing service and were told someone would be there in 20 minutes, but that the tow truck could only take two passengers.

Before the tow truck arrived, Officer’s Higby and Scott arrived in two patrol cars and took seven of us to the lovely La Quinta Inn while my husband went with the tow truck to drop off the crippled vehicle at the local GM dealership.

In our travels, we have never received such courtesy and hospitality as we did that night in Silverthorne. Officer’s Higby and Scott kindly saw to out needs. The La Quinta saw to our comfort and served up the best continental breakfast ever and the GM dealership gave us fast, honest and affordable service.

And so, with heartfelt gratitude, Silverthorne, we salute you and award you the Belknap 2009 Stranded Traveler Award.

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