Girls getting a good laugh |

Girls getting a good laugh

SILVERTHORNE – Ever get a call at work where the person is talking about crazy stuff with a fake accent?

You suspect it’s a friend and wait for the unveiling. You play along for awhile, though somewhat cautiously, in case it’s a real business associate.

The weird-sounding woman on the other end starts the conversation with “Bon jour, mon cherie,” then chastises you because you reply half in Spanish and half in French.

Then her accent switches to a Southern Belle, and she asks if you’re a spiritual person.

After a minute or two of guessing which friend this could be and coming up dry, you tire of playing along and ask in your most tactful way: “OK, who the hell is this?” Only, you use a professional tone of voice, and you don’t use the word “hell.”

The woman says, “Why, this is Lady Mae. They told me to call you.”

“Great,” you think. She’s not giving up. And you’re very busy. You tactfully inquire who “they” might be, though you know this is a dangerous question. The answer could be “aliens” or “the little men who live underground.”

But she answers straight: “I’m Lady Mae, the comedian. Mike O’Brien told me to call you.”

You let out a sigh of relief. It’s your introduction to your next interview.

Denver native Lady Mae opens for Just Jay tonight at the Silverthorne Pavilion’s Girls’ Night Out Comedy Night.

Lady Mae uses a sarcastic wit to comment on ridiculous things people do – and she sees a lot where she works on 16th Street Mall in Denver.

“It’s like a psycho ward. Everything you can imagine is on the 16th Street Mall,” Lady Mae said. “It’s amazing how many people do things on a daily basis, and you say, ‘What the hell? What were you thinking?’ And they are serious.”

(Uh, yeah, this reporter can relate. Right, Lady Mae?)

Lady Mae uses her age as an excuse to push the envelope, but she maintains a PG-13 show.

“People let you get away with just a little bit more with age,” she said.

Her best friend, Just Jay, describes her as “classy,” which is the opposite of headliner Just Jay’s style.

“My comedy’s action-packed,” Just Jay said. “Lady Mae has a slower delivery. I’m a physical comic, really silly. It’s basic New York City in-your-face humor.”

And she cranks the adult material up a notch.

“Don’t bring the kids or a rabbi or a priest,” she said. “Just print this (to describe my style): ‘beep, beep, beep,’ the comedian said. ‘Beep, beep.'”

“Jay is a ball of energy,” Lady Mae said. “She is just a firecracker. She takes you on these out-of-control, crazy roller coaster rides. Age, gender, color doesn’t matter. She is somebody people are just drawn to.”

Though the show is billed as a girls’ night out, both comedians encourage men to come, and they promise not to male bash (much).

“We talk girl talk, but we want the guys to come because we want someone to buy our drinks and drive us home,” Just Jay said. “They start out uncomfortable, but halfway through the show, they’re laughing harder than the women.”

And what does Just Jay’s material include? Everything.

“I don’t think that there’s not a subject that you can’t get humor out of,” she said.

Just Jay worked with Russell Simmon’s Def Comedy Jam Tour on HBO for four years and has opened or written for Jamie Foxx, Damon Wayans, Louis Johnson and Keenan Wayans, among others.

Tonight’s show starts at 8 p.m., and doors open at 7 p.m. at the Silverthorne Pavilion. Tickets are $15 at the door, or they may be purchased before 5 p.m. by calling (970) 262-7370.

Kimberly Nicoletti can be reached at (970) 668-3998, ext. 245, or by e-mail at

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