Gisela Hertrich-Daniels: More on Dam Road silliness |

Gisela Hertrich-Daniels: More on Dam Road silliness

Gisela Hertrich-Daniels
Summit County

Kudos to you – your article is perfect. When Denver Water closed the road they left the bike path open – now how idiotic is that? People wanting to destroy and do damage can do it from anywhere: air, water, by foot or bike.

And the orange – very ugly – floating devices are taking away from the surface of the lake and are also an eyesore. Whatever happened to the “Sparkling Jewel of Summit County?”

Besides, Denver Water doesn’t even fix the orange buoys behind their fenced-in facility. These have been off their original metal stakes for a very long time and just float and it looks like nobody gives a hoot. And can anyone tell me if – just in case – someone is going to destroy the dam, what will happen to the guards in their Jeeps, sitting on either end of the road? They’ll certainly not be saved either.

This whole scenario leaves me wondering about the sanity of any kind of government.