Give Denver Water a break |

Give Denver Water a break

I know Mr. Penfield Tate (Denver Water) and his board are bullies. I know they are arrogant, and I know they are don’t care about us, and their communication skills suck. But I believe they are being proactive.

We have become victims of our own system, which we have inevitably created. Can you imagine if (God forbid) Mr. Osama decided to blow a dam and he picked ours, every ambulance-chasing lawyer within 1,000 miles would be signing up victims as fast as their pens could write.

We would then have a mega lawsuit. Mr. Penfield has, by his current actions, demonstrated that the DWB has shown a “duty of care,” and this would probably block any successful litigation. All the column inches in all the papers would prove their point.

We just have to go though the dance, and in the near future the Denver Water Board will host a press conference, with all the TV cameras and journalists there to record the moment, that the Denver Water Board has listened to the people and will re-open our Dam Road.

This is a very clever move, it will show that Denver Water wanted to protect the Dam and local community and the utility had demonstrated a “duty of care”. It also shows it listens to the officials and the people of Summit Country.

As in life, Denver Water has used the first lesson in business, CYA (cover your a**).

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