Global warming is not right versus left |

Global warming is not right versus left

Gary SchaecherSilverthorne

Science is under assault from another right-wing, religious zealot once again.Why is science good when it invents 7-foot wide 3-ton vehicles to move our 3-foot-wide bottoms down a highway at 80 miles per hour (with a fuel efficiency of 1,510 dead and 10,000 wounded), but evil when it informs us this same device is soiling the human habit worldwide? Some people are unable to see that modern man, for the most part, is a creature that hasn’t been completely civilized. We are not quite yet potty trained, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to most of us. The rapid increase in carbon dioxide during the last 200 years is an undisputed fact which only ostriches and other strange looking-birds that occupy the White House can deny. More than 99 percent of the world’s scientists do not dispute this fact. The other 1 percent work for the current administration rubber-stamping flawed governmental policies.This isn’t a left-versus-right issue; this is an issue that divides the unenlightened from the enlightened. Many conservatives run to their favorite punching bag and try to define the issue in turns of being an idea of the left.I’m not part of the right or the left. I do consider myself a member of that shrinking minority that hold onto the core ideals of “The Age of Enlightenment” and the “Age of Reason.”There is a congregation of the “rational.” Those in our “church” believe a single human mind using scientific rational thought can shine a light so powerful that it can bring knowledge to the entire world to prevent suffering and to expand truth.The Summit Daily News is a beacon of light in our county that attempts to shine a ray of truth into the darkest recesses of our citizens’ minds.Unfortunately, some minds are like the granite that surrounds our valleys where we live.

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