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Go back in time with Undo Send

ERIN PHEILspecial to the dailyFrisco, Colorado

Surely youve experienced something along the lines of this before? Youre sitting at your computer, type-type-typing away. You finish up the email youre writing and tap the Send button in your email program only to experience an instant, horrible, all-encompassing sensation of dread. In the fraction of the second its taken your finger to begin lifting off your left mouse button the very mouse button you clicked to depress the Send button on your screen your brain starts shooting off massive red fireworks because SOMETHING IS WRONG.You sent the email to the wrong David. You forgot to remove the notes from the top of the email. You accidentally ccd that explicit, horrible, dirty video to your ailing grandmother. You attached your tax-return form instead of your resume and sent it to your potential employer. You sent the lengthy, venting, smack-talking email about Sarah …. to Sarah. What you wouldnt give to go back in time even just a few seconds back so you could unsend that email and make the growing pit in your stomach disappear. Well, as you may have guessed by now, there *is* a way. This particular solution doesnt work after a long delay, and its specifically for gmail users, but I have a hunch it just might be the type of functionality that could really make someones day. In Gmail Labs under Settings, just turn on Undo Send and youll then see an Undo link on every sent email confirmation. Click Undo while the send request is processing or within five seconds of the email being sent through and Gmail will reopen the email for editing without sending it off to its intended (or potentially unintended) recipient(s).

Question: Dear Erin, You recently wrote about how to send text messages to cell phones from a computer. Im hoping you can help with something kind of related that Im experiencing. Its cell-phone spam and I dont have any clue how to stop it so I was wondering if theres a cell-phone spam blocker or something like that I can use or maybe some other tool like that out there? Please help!!!!!!!!! Cindy (from Dillon)Answer: I actually experienced the same problem of too much cell-phone text spam myself at one point, so I understand your frustration. Cell-phone spam is even worse than email spam because you cant just install a spam-blocker into your phone *and* you have to pay when you receive the spam! Booooooo.Instead of rewriting the explanation of how you can go about decreasing the amount of spam you receive on your cell phone, Im going to recommend you have a look at this great post in the New York Times:http://tinyurl.com/5cauyq. This should help a ton. Good luck!

1) http://doyouknow.gordmangroup.com Do you know what you dont know? Well do you? Its a serious question. If you run your own business, its very possible that what you dont know is costing you big bucks. Bob Gordman, president of Breckenridges Gordman Group, has a fantastic blog that provides real- life examples of how not knowing what you dont know causes problems.2) http://www.nothired.com Ever wonder why some people never seem to get hired? Wonder no more. (This is an absolutely hilarious website)3) http://tinyurl.com/dngb4r A super-stylish Power Pack for your iPhone. Make sure you scroll down and read the entire post.4) http://tinyurl.com/53qtd9 Im sharing this because I know the anatomy of a Lego man is something youve always wanted to know more about.5) http://tinyurl.com/bokod eBays heads up article about spoofed emails.And thats it for today, everyone. Have a great week, and see ya next Monday.

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