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Kimberly Nicoletti

Go – go now.That’s the message from the dead, and that’s my message to you.But then again, I love movies about communication with the other side, even if other critics massacre them. And I have to admit, “White Noise” has its faults.

Once Jonathan Rivers’ (Michael Keaton) wife dies, he spends too much time staring at static on televisions. Some might say the movie moves as slowly as a zombie, but I’d argue it slowly builds tension until it’s a true nail-biter.The premise: Dead people communicate through EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, over radios and televisions. People who haven’t yet passed can record this white noise and, after listening and watching it again and again, figure out urgent messages from the deceased.This premise creeped out one of our new reporters who sits with the police scanner on her desk, which often blasts out white noise, but it really scared Dan who lives next to a haunted bed and breakfast.

I admit, maybe I rated “White Noise” a half-star too high, but I figure it was worth the extra rating just for the satisfaction I got from making Dan watch a movie he vowed not to see for fear of contracting permanent insomnia.Even for people who don’t sleep near ghosts, “White Noise” turns horrific at the end and could cause nightmares. It’s rated PG-13, but I wouldn’t want a 13-year-old to see it. The basic premise in the end has an evil edge, which could imprint a young mind negatively.Speaking of endings, “White Noise” ultimately disappoints with horror-esque scenes. Rather than digging deeper into the psychologically thrilling premise, it buries itself in a hellish portrayal complete with sensational computer graphics and a creepy human being.

But on its way to hell, you’re not sure – and I’m not telling – if you’re watching a drama, a fictionalized account of scientifically proven phenomenon, some kind of “Sixth Sense” sham or all of the above.So if you have any interest in the other side, it’s worth sitting through “White Noise.”Kimberly Nicoletti is busy listening to the plentiful white noise on High Country radio, hoping to prove the last assertion in “White Noise” wrong.

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