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God is just a word

Jeff Shibley, Dillon

California’s 9th circuit court decision that says the “One nation under God” line in the pledge of allegiance is unconstitutional is misguided. It appears that our Founding Fathers’ biggest concern about keeping church and state separate is best reflected by the oppression found in the Muslim governments of the Middle East.

I doubt very much they meant to eliminate the word God as it appears on our money, and on many national monuments. In America, God can be Allah, Mohammed, Jesus, your parents, a tree, a hero, an alien, nature, hope, or any other image that comes to your mind when you say God.

That’s the beautiful thing about freedom of religion. You can choose what you want to believe and in that sense our Founding Fathers were brilliant to not burden us with a law that says we have to believe in anything. This is completely contradictory to the many Muslim governments that force citizens to follow strictly interpreted writings of Mohammed with the consequences of public beatings, imprisonment or even death if they don’t.

The Fathers continued their brilliance by including the word God in most of their important documents so the people realized there are powers higher than our government and by the grace of that power go us. For no matter what laws or regulations we pass and what directions our misguided judges follow, they can’t make it rain or snow or stop a fire that wants to burn. Their laws can’t stop disease and bad people from hurting the innocent. Henceforth, by the grace of God (whatever that may be) go us, or “In God we trust.” There’s really no better way to say it.

If a person is so uncomfortable with the word God that they have to spend time trying to eliminate it from our vocabulary, then we are dealing with an insecure, shallow and selfish individual. We live in a time where our attention is needed in areas we can control what will make life on earth better. As I write this, the 9th circuit court judge, who determined it was unconstitutional to say “One nation under God,” has blocked his own decision for a review of the full court. Perhaps there is hope and a God after all.

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