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Going mouseless

If you’re a frequent computer user, you no doubt have mastered the drop down menus that have become the standard navigational tool for virtually all programs. Did you know, though, that you can navigate most programs even easier by learning the most common keyboard shortcuts? This is especially true in Microsoft applications. Give some of the shortcuts below a try, and we’ll bet that within a short period of time, you’ll find yourself reaching less and less for the mouse!F1 – Opens the Help Menu.CTRL+ESC (or the Windows key) – Brings up the Start menu. ESC – Cancels any operation.

ALT+SPACE – Opens the System menu for the window (allowing you to restore, move or minimize).ALT+F4 – Closes a current window or program (when a window is not open). ALT+F4 will also safely close a pop-up when using the internet.ALT+TAB – Allows you to easily switch to another running program and back again.ALT+F6 – Allows you to easily switch between multiple windows in the same program (we find this particularly useful for when you have several different Word documents open at the same time, for example).ALT+underlined letter – Each of the menu selections (File, Edit, View, Insert, etc.) contains one letter that is underlined. ALT+the underlined letter will automatically bring up the drop down menu for the selected item. Once you’re in the drop down menu, study the shortcuts given. Under the File and Edit menus alone, you’ll find a goldmine of handy tricks, such as: CTRL+C – CopyCTRL+X – Cut

CTRL+V – PasteCTRL+P – PrintCTRL+S – SaveAlso, learn to love your TAB key! You can move around virtually any menu using just your TAB key. Here’s a handy way to quickly select items from a list, even if it does involve going back to your mouse. Try these techniques when working in your various e-mail boxes.SHIFT+Click – Allows you to select an entire subset (highlight the first item in the list, use SHIFT+Click on the last item in the subset to select the entire group at once)

ALT+Click – Allows you to cherry pick several items out of a list. Note, you can also use ALT+Click to deselect one or more items from a selected group.This same technique works when selecting individual words or groups of words while working in Microsoft Word. Or, you can get even more precise and avoid the mouse altogether by using:SHIFT+Arrow Key – Allows you to highlight or select one character at a time.CTRL+SHIFT+Arrow Key – Allows you to highlight or select one word at a time.By mastering just a few shortcuts, you’ll rely less and less on your mouse and your speed will quickly improve.For more information, e-mail clickandhack@friscocomputerstore.com.

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