Good communities require sacrifice |

Good communities require sacrifice

Kurt KizerFrisco

Oh little town of Frisco, how much you’ve changed. I am glad that we are patient enough as a town to slow down in this fast-paced society. Everything from population growth to just eating and drinking with friends seems to be happening in such a way that it takes away from the beauty of life itself. I’m sure I would have used Home Depot, but I can live without it. The demographics, as well as the average cost of living, have risen so much that the town feels compelled to keep up pace. Homeowners and business owners find that taxes and rents are disproportionate to their income from past to present. This is a tough situation; however, if we the people who love the town and its location close to so much recreation and clean air, can’t find our own solutions and leave it solely up to our government, we will slide right into the problems facing all metro areas. Each one of us must make sacrifices in order to better our community. We obviously live in a time period in our great nation where gluttony is more prevalent than love of our fellow citizens. It’s time to start sharing our time and energy with each other like we do with our families. I hope that I can live another 20 years as a ski bum, like the last 20 years, in a town that is friendly and caring. I found out by organizing the flag on Peak One that we can all do things that create great energy and profit for ourselves and others. Peace, happy holidays, and merry Christmas.