GOP filibusters union bill in Senate |

GOP filibusters union bill in Senate

DENVER – Republicans staged a rare filibuster in the state Senate on Friday, protesting a bill endorsed by labor but condemned by business groups because it would make it easier to set up all-union shops.Republicans introduced dozens of amendments, including one that would have sent the issue to voters, but all failed. The bill has already passed the House and it was unlikely Republicans could block it in the Senate because majority Democrats support it.”We’re dragging it out to show how drastically they’re trying to ram it through,” said Sen. Greg Brophy, R-Wray, acknowledging they don’t have enough votes to derail the bill.The bill would eliminate one of two worker elections required to form an all-union workplace, where all employees are required to pay fees to the union whether they join or not.The fees are intended to cover the union’s cost to represent the nonmembers.Business groups say the measure would discourage new companies from coming to Colorado.

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