GOP group urges Bush to declare illegal immigration emergency |

GOP group urges Bush to declare illegal immigration emergency

DENVER ” Eight conservative Republicans in the state House called on President Bush Tuesday to declare a national emergency on illegal immigration, saying they were “shocked by the blatant, coordinated, and anti-American demonstrations” this week.

Thousands of people staged demonstrations in Colorado Monday urging Congress to pass immigrant-friendly legislation, including a guest worker program to legalize many illegal immigrants.

Members of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado said no amnesty or guest worker program could be effective when immigrants and U.S. employers ignore immigration and customs laws.

In a letter to Bush, the lawmakers cited recent requests from the governors of New Mexico and Arizona to use National Guard and other troops until the United States can erect barriers.

The study committee was formed last year to promote lower taxes, personal responsibility and limited government.

Signing the letter were Reps. Lauri Clapp of Centennial, Kevin Lundberg of Berthoud, Jim Welker of Loveland, Richard Decker of Fountain, David Schultheis of Colorado Springs, Ted Harvey of Highlands Ranch, Debbie Stafford of Aurora and Sen. Doug Lamborn of Colorado Springs.

Founders said the caucus was modeled after the powerful Republican Study Committee the U.S. House of Representatives.

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