GOP – leadership by "The Big Lie’ |

GOP – leadership by "The Big Lie’

With regard to the article “What kind of Congress do you want?” by state Sen. John Andrews (Summit Daily News, June 24), I can only say that the gentleman has employed the technique of “The Big Lie,” used also by Adolf Hitler and other demagogues to convince the reader that what the Republicans did in the last three days of the legislative session was for the good of the people.

What they (the Republicans, who are majorities in both the state Senate and the House of Representatives) really did was redraw Congressional districts so as to ensure Democratic representatives in two districts and Republican representatives in the other five. The trouble with people like Sen. Andrews is that they do not believe in democracy (e.g. the people rule, through their right to vote) and want the elections to be fixed so it is hardly necessary to have the formality of a vote. What Andrews and the Republicans have done has a name, “gerrymandering,” which, in the early years of our republic, was attempted by a Massachusetts congressman named Gerry. It is not new, and it has been attempted by both political parties at different times and places. In the legislative session that ended in May , the Republicans in Colorado were outrageously brazen in their attempts to undo what might be the future will of the people and now lie about it to justify their attempt to “fix” the vote.

The changes in boundary lines came about because in the newly created 7th district, Bob Beauprez, a Republican, won by fewer than 100 votes. The boundaries of the 7th Congressional District were drawn, quite legitimately, by Judge John Coughlin because the state Legislature was stalemated in 2002 and could not agree. Now, the new elected Republican majorities in both houses have changed these boundaries in what can only be called a “fast one.” In the last three days of the legislative session, they promoted Senate Bill 352, which reversed Judge Coughlin’s ruling and assured a Republican majority in the 7th district. They were directed in this endeavor from the White House, probably by Karl Rove (Bush’s so-called “brain”). It is to the credit of Beauprez that he did not support this idea, as Sen. Andrews frankly admits in his article. Hopefully, this last-minute redistricting is not a done deal S not yet.

But to claim that a frankly partisan and illegal act is for the good of the people, to prevent a “Congress where Dick Gephardt would be Speaker (of the House),” is prevarication of the highest order. As Abraham Lincoln, the first elected Republican president said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

We are not fooled by your false assertions and fabrications, Sen. Andrews, and neither are the people in your district.

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